A possible knee-jerk reaction but let’s hope it’s not false. Tumblr user planethelium posted up two short gifs of Mewtwo in his Mega X form fighting a previously unannounced Zoroark in what seems to be a cinematic sequence within the world of Pokken Fighter.

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Not much to say except, Zoroark looks incredible and the cinematic looks top notch. Pokken Fighter came out in Japanese arcades back in July of this year. If these two gifs are indeed from Pokken Fighter, they will bring the current roster of characters up to 11. Including Shadow Mewtwo. It’s plausible that Shadow Mewtwo will be a different entities from Mega Mewtwo X as Pikachu Libre and Pikachu are two different characters.

Pokken Fighter is to be released on Japanese Wii U on March 18th, 2016. The release date for everywhere else is still up in the air, but it’s going to be sometime in 2016. Zoroark and Shadow Mewtwo are extremely solid and will be an incredibly blast to play with.

  • Wendigo

    Mostly excited for a non-Shadow Mewtwo

  • AquaBat

    For the record, these animations are from the commercial for the latest TCG expansion, XY BREAKthrough. Not Pokken. Both Mega Mewtwo and Zoroark are promoted in this expansion, Zoroark simply by virtue of being one of the Pokemon involved with the new TCG gimmick, BREAK Evolution. You can see it turn gold in the second GIF. That’s what BREAK Evolution involves, the Pokemon is displayed in a golden color and its stats are boosted.
    You can see the commercial here:
    Zoroark may or may not be in Pokken but this doesn’t confirm it at all.

    Also, the game is called “Pokken Tournament”. “Pokken Fighters” was a name that was copyrighted around the same time, either as an alternative working title or simply as a protective measure.

    Just wanted to clear up a few things so there’s no misunderstanding.

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