New screenshots from Shenmue 3 have been revealed online, showing off the beautiful environments that will fill up the upcoming and long awaited sequel to the series.

These screenshots debuted at the Magic Monaco Convention and were followed by additional screenshots from fansite, ShenmueDojo.

Shenmue 3 was revealed at this year’s E3 to be partially crowd funded, of which resulted in over $6,550,000 being pledged from fans for the game (but not without a little controversy).

The game will come to PS4 and PC and the studio behind the title, Ys Net, has reportedly set December 2017 as a target release month.

  • Steve Wright

    I don’t care about Shenmue but it’s looking nice…

    • Tony Montana

      Wow, that was one of the greatest games made. Have you even played Shenmue? I’m guessing not

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