Shocker, you say? Well hey. It’s got to be said somewhere right? Well, Entertainment Software Association’s CEO, Michael Gallagher has gone out and said it. According to a discussion regarding GamerGate at D.I.C.E, he’s made mention about the growing statistics regarding the diversity of upcoming female employment rates in the gaming industry.

“I’m so encouraged about the growth trajectory and the positive trajectory of this industry when it comes to diversity,” said Gallagher, comparing the gaming industry’s 22 percent female employment rate to the lower rates in the broader technology industry.

“Now that’s not good enough, and we know it’s not good enough.”

He makes a point that, while it’s not high enough, it is higher than say the diversity of women who work in Engineering. Gallagher has also mentioned that with the amount of games placing females as the protagonists and other characters, the industry is going in the right direction, it just needs keep pushing for diversity.

I know for a fact that there are many companies that have been trying to push for more women creating games and being part of the development process. I’m also familiar with certain indie groups taking initiatives in order to make this a reality. So I do agree that there are steps being made, it’s just a matter of continuing on opening the doors for an opportunity at diversity within the industry.

  • Exile_Sky

    Seriously? The ESA has been part of the community since the mid-90s. They should know the reasons women are a minority in the game dev community. So, do they have quotas now or something? Shouldn’t people be hired because of their ability and enthusiasm? If 80 men and 20 women apply for a position, isn’t it discriminatory to give the women preference? When did that become an okay thing to do?

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