The fantastic fun train, that is Super Mario Maker, keeps going and going. Over 6 million courses have been uploaded by players all around the world. Now, even more tools are coming your way to make the best Mario level possible.

In this week’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that an update to Super Mario Maker would be bringing a new difficulty level for the 100 Mario Challenge. This will be called, Super Expert, and it can only be unlocked by completing expert. Completing this mode will also unlock special costumes. For course making, keys will now be adding to the items by shaking a P switch. Shaking a regular door twice will give you a locked door that the key will open. In addition, you can also add the key to an enemy. Only defeating this enemy will give players the key, giving you the perfect opportunity for a boss battle. Shaking a regular coin will give you a pink coin. Collecting all of these in a level, will also give the player a key.

With these new updates coming March 9th, even more marvelous courses will be made for the whole community to share. Super Mario Maker is available now exclusively on Wii U.

  • Michael Fontanini

    The 1.4 update has failed to fix the game’s most glaring flaws. The developers are just plain incompetent at this point. Expert mode is still a completely broken giant steaming pile of you know what. Super Expert mode is just downright stupid. Even dumber is that they gated unlockables behind it. Unlockables in Expert and Super Expert need alternate unlock paths. Expert should be 8 levels not 16, because that’s just idiotic when you’ve got over 40 costumes gated behind that mode now. Expert mode should draw from levels with a little higher completion rates. maybe 30-20% super expert could be 19% and below. 2% and below is idiotically ridiculous. It is WAY PAST TIME for the developers to fix their horribly broken game. There is no excuse for how poorly designed this is at this point. How did these developers get so mindblowingly stupid anyway!?!?!?! Play test your damn shit you idiots… I’m sorry but expert and super expert are such piles of shit they might as well not exist since the devs are far to damn incompetent to actually fix it…

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