Afterbirth, the DLC for the hit-indie title The Binding of Isaac, will be releasing for the PS4 and Xbox One on May 10th. The PC version came out in the fall of 2015. But the Vita version won’t be coming out soon, or possibly ever.

The new content adds over 100 hours of new bosses, weapons, enemies, and game modes for players. However, even though the DLC being on the PlayStation Store, the Vita won’t be receiving the DLC.

“No PS Vita version is entirely based on what we consider acceptable for Isaac players,” wrote Tyrone Rodriguez, founder of Nicalis, in response to a fan’s inquiry on the PlayStation Blog. “With the additional amount of resources requires [sic] for new effects, weapon combos, bosses, etc., Afterbirth did not run at a performance level that I’m personally happy with.”

  • blindexecutioner

    They lose at least one sale on me if the Vita version isn’t released. This game isn’t cross buy and I am not rebuying it to play Afterbirth. I doubt I am alone.

  • terrariaexpert1980

    i agree im not just going to buy a computer to get isaac Afterbirth

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