Many people have been speculating on whether or not Skate 3 will be backwards compatible and to those of you who are waiting for confirmation, here it is.

‘Mister Retr0’ the feedback admin for the Xbox website has posted on the backwards compatibility voting list that Skate 3 is now in progress, accompanied by the standard “This game has been announced as an upcoming title for Xbox One backward compatibility! You can find the whole list of backward compatible games at” response.

With Skate 3 on the way to backwards compatibility it is possible that Skate 4 may be on the way. With Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 being one of the worst games released last year, this generation has yet to have a great skating game. It used to be that skating games were among some of the best out there. .

What do you think? Is Skate 3 a game worth making backwards compatible? And would you be up for a Skate 4? Let us know in the comments.

  • Swagfest233432 YouTube

    omg, of course its worth backwards compatibility! I swear I remember how I found and got it. I remember I started the skate franchise with skate 2, I LOVED it, reason being, it had split screen so obviously me and my friends played it so much, I’m pretty sure that’s what made them my friends in the first place. but a long time after that about when I was 9 skate 3 was on sale for 5 bucks so I begged my parents to get it for me because ive heard its super fun. It was the best game ive ever played and id LOVE to have it on xbox one.

  • ZeroNotHero

    Seriously? That “announcement” was back in December of last year. There has been no motion since. EA has flatly denied that it’s coming and MS refuses to say anything other than it’s “in progress”.

  • I don’t even know why I continue to click on these articles. Skate 3 being backwards compatible is not news. I’m tired of it trending with NO updated information. But people like me is why, so I can’t complain. BUT!!! I did hear the hold up is only due to syncing all the copy right issues as far as the pros and the music

  • AwesomePossum

    I still like it okay, but I really miss a lot of the glitches and stuff that really made it fun for me and my friends. I don’t know if they’re still in there somewhere, but I haven’t been able to do them anymore…

  • This is a no brainier! Lol YES this game is why I bought a 360..

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