Mods have arrived (for the most part) to Fallout 4, and they instantly were much more popular on the Xbox One system than they were on PC.

A tweet from Bethesda revealed that traffic for the mods on Xbox One was 50 times greater upon launch than it was on PC.

The tweet also stated that these mods are “a new world and just the beginning,” as well as reiterating that “new features” and PS4 support are both continually in the works.

No exact numbers or statistics were reported on how successful the mods on each platform was.

Mods are expected to arrive on PS4 sometime this June. What system are you playing a modded version of Fallout 4 on? Or are you hanging on for the PS4 version?

  • K e e n a n B T

    Are they including the Fallout 4 mods downloaded from nexus mods on PC. If so I find it hard to believe

  • Landon Pyle

    No they are only talking about traffic on What supposive game journalist like Mike Nitroy are obviously to dense to realize is that the majority of PC players are using the Nexus and Steam Workshop for the modding needs. It is highly unlikely that mods are more popular on Xbone than PC. is an innovative approach to modding and will bring mods to a wider audience but it is inferior to the Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer in many ways. Namely no ability to adjust your load order, or select options when installing a mod that uses a scripted FOMOD installer, resulting in one size fits all versions of mods. It is so annoying to see idiots like Mike Nitroy spreading mis-information like this.

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