Jeff Kaplin, the game director behind Overwatch, outlines the game’s newest update in this week’s latest developer update video.

The main attraction in this massive update is Overwatch’s new hero Ana, as well as adjustments to some of the game’s existing heroes.

Another big change coming in this update is to the game’s Competitive Play mode. Only one of each hero per team is allowed following the update. Jeff Kaplin discusses this change in a post on the game’s official website.

“We’ve been discussing the idea of hero limits for almost as long as Overwatch has been in development. It’s been somewhat of a controversial topic, but we’ve always liked giving players the freedom to select any hero, regardless of the team’s composition, because it opened up the possibility for tons of crazy strategies and match-ups.”

Kaplin and his team feel that hero stacking has become detrimental and has led to experiences that are less fun for players. Players would either stack to take one point before the other team has the chance to counter, or would use the tactic to frustrate opponents. Blizzard feels that these adjustments to Competitive Play will improve player enjoyment.

The patch was recently released on PC earlier this week and just recently came to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • The non-stacking kinda sucks. Basically, teams need to be more serious now = less fun.

    • Sean Timm

      But its only in Competitive, which is supposed to be more serious in the first place… So I definitely understand why they did it.

      • Let’s be honest. Competitive is the only game. Oh well, maybe people will actually start learning how to counter.

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