A fast turn over from cinemas to a physical release for the Warcraft Movie as the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the movie has been announced. Viewing took place during the month of June so the cinema run should be over.

On September 13th a digital HD version will be released for purchase. This version however will omit some extra features that including deleted scenes. Those features and extra content will available after the 27th of September where the DVD, Blu-ray and 4K version of the physical release comes out.

As mentioned, along with deleted footage, there is a behind-the-scenes documentary showcasing the various stages of development. There is also a motion comic that adds some more narrative to the movie universe story for Lothar and Medivh.

Unfortunately, the discs do not mention ‘extended edition’ as a feature. Upon inquiry on twitter, movie director Duncan Jones had mentioned that “there will be no extended cuts unless the theatrical does well”. Though our review for the movie was positive, reviewers elsewhere felt the movie didn’t live up to expectations. Due to that, the movie did not succeed in the western market. It did however flourish in China where fans absolutely loved it and managed to help make the movie profitable.


  • korval

    Star Wars The Force Awaken was out in theaters December 17th, and came out on DVD / Blu-ray on April 1st. That’s around 4 months. Wacraft came out June 10th and the DVD / Blu-ray is coming out on September 27th. That’s around 4 months.

    The point: Warcraft’s cinema to home video is exactly the same as Star Wars The Force Awakens. In other words, enough with the “A fast turn over from cinemas to a physical release” innuendo BS. Your language in the opening sentence is like beating a dead horse. People already know you film critics hate the film.

    • Tyler South

      Totally agree! It’s gotten old already….

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