The Pokemon Go Plus is now available for purchase. This wearable device allows players to catch Pokemon and alerts them whenever a PokeStop is nearby. The device was scheduled to release earlier this year, but was delayed to allow for to better optimization with the app.

Even though this device does make playing Pokemon GO much easier, there are a few things that this device cannot do. The Pokemon Go Plus only allows players to catch Pokemon that are already registered in the player’s Pokedex. To catch any newly discovered Pokemon, you would have to pull out your phone.

Along with the release of this device, it has also been announced that Pokemon GO will be coming to the Apple Watch as well. The watch will have all the functionality of the Pokemon GO Plus, but unlike the Plus, the Apple Watch will display nearby Pokemon, the distance needed to hatch eggs, collect items from PokeStops, as well as the amount of experience needed to level up. Even though the Apple Watch displays more information, you will still have to use your phone to catch Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go Plus is only available online through Amazon and Gamestop. The device retails at $35.

  • Sasha Boroja

    Another gadget for the Pogo hype! I became less interested though without the tracker. I just cant find any darn pokemon in my area :(( I decided to get an account from pogomania (just type it on google) and now i am level 35 with so many snorlaxes lol :)(

    • Sean Timm

      The Plus would have generated a lot more interest had they been able to release it soon after the actual app. I feel like many have become less interested at this point.

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