SuperGiant Games has announced that Bastion will be coming to Xbox One. The current-gen version of the game will run at 1080p resolution verses the 720p resolution of the original Xbox 360 release. It will also have additional achievements as well as include the Stranger’s Dream DLC.

According to the post on their website, this version of Bastion is more than just a port of the original. SuperGiant Games states, “Bringing Bastion to Xbox One was more involved than flipping a switch that says ‘make it backwards compatible’! The game has been re-built to feel native to the platform.”

As an added bonus, gamers who already own the game on Xbox 360 will be able to download the game for Xbox One for free. This offer is good until the 1st of January 2017.

Along with this announcement, SuperGiant Games will be releasing a t-shirt to commemorate the game’s launch, as well as its fifth anniversary. The shirt features artwork designed by Nina Matsumoto. Matsumoto has done art for the Simpsons comic book series as well as for her own series Yokaiden. The shirt is now available for pre-order for $14.99.

The Xbox One version of Bastion is set to release on December 12th. The game was originally released in July of 2011, and is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, and mobile.

  • William Orlando Figueroa

    Is it me, or is Sony’s indie support is somewhat pointless since a lot of Ps4’s indies seems to be heading soon to other platforms? I mean, Octodad, Furi, OlliOlli, Towerfall, Contrast, Outlast, Don’t Starve, Velocity, now Bastion. Hell, I won’t be surprised if Salt and Sanctuary and Darkest Dungeons get ported for the Xbox One.

    Sure, it is nice to see more people play it but even then, what will the ps4 get in return? I don’t see Cuphead and Ori being ported for the Ps4, so why is it that almost every ps4 indies gets ported for the Xbox One, while Xbox One’s indies stays as an exclusive?

    • Sean Timm

      In this case, bastion came to Xbox 360 before anything else. But as for the majority of indie titles, a lot of the time devs make deals to come to one platform first for additional funding that is necessary to make the game. It’s also much easier to make a game with only one platform in mind. But that doesn’t stop them from porting to other platforms in the future. Ori and the Blind Forest was published by microsoft, so that will never make the jump over to PS4, but its always possible Cup Head will in the future. If anything, the trend of PS4 indie games making the jump to Xbox One just shows how strong sony’s support of indies has been so far. There are just more of them.

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