If you have a Battle.net account with Blizzard, you might want to go check it right now. You might have been given a free copy of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Sites such as VG247 and Forbes report that gamers are finding free copies of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty in their Battle.net account libraries. Oddly enough, though the company has verified with Forbes that the promotion is in fact happening, Blizzard has not officially commented on the situation and the official Starcraft II page and forums do not mention these free copies.

According to reports, as well as a reddit page, the gifts are given completely at random. Lucky gamers log into their Battle.net accounts, find the message, “You have been granted a free game,” and discover that they now own Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. This game should not be confused with the Starter Edition that only includes the first five missions and restricts multiplayer to bot matches, games with friends, and the Arcade. People have reported that they have received the full game, player vs. player multiplayer and all.

The free copies have caused people to theorize that Blizzard is planning (or at the very least considering) to make Starcraft II a completely free game.

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  • Sithalo

    “Starter Edition that only includes the first five missions and restricts multiplayer to bot matches only”

    starter edition also includes full access to everything in the arcade and custom games

    and if you have a friend that owns starcraft and you group up with them then you get access to everything else that is locked out for starter edition (not sure about campaign)

    • Sean Timm

      Very cool. 🙂 The article has been updated to include that. On a personal note, I’ve always thought the stuff in the arcade is insanely awesome. I’m glad they let new players try it out.

      • Sithalo

        glad to help. the stuff in the arcade is very cool (i love the doomed earth games and 4x style things) but there are some interesting things outside of arcade as well.

        im not sure if starter edition has access to it (but i believe they do) but you can run mods on regular skirmish maps that do various things to spice up the match with.

        some are simple such as an increase in supplys and minerals and things like that. one spawn infested terrans and the like around the map that wander around and occasionally and send waves of zombies during night time.

        one of them is the realistic size mod or something that makes everything sorta to scale (at least somewhat) and adds in other new and interesting things to it. and all 3 of those things can be played on any regular skirmish map not just locking self to one map in arcade as it was in the past.

        i remember an arcade map where you chose different broods/tribes/terran thing depending on our race but that had to be put on multiple maps in the arcade. if someone made that into mod form it could now be ran on any skirmish map.

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