The Watching Craze: Harmful?

Since the advent of the gaming industry, players and non-players alike have enjoyed watching gameplay and commentary videos for hours on end, whether it be of walkthroughs of their favorite past games, speedruns seeking to exploit all the possible  in a game, or humorous multiplayer footage. Yet, there is a stark difference from wishing to […]

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The Mixing of Media

When the word “gaming” is brought up, oftentimes the images people imagine are of players at their couches with controllers in their hands, either competing against one another or playing by themselves to progress through designed levels. This stock image of gaming, however, has become less and less accurate, particularly due to the melding of […]

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The School Of Hard Games

Over the weekend I was inundated with work, dog sitting, chores & college work. Then I had to try and find time for the luxuries of life such as socialisation and eating. I needed a break, which is where Bejewelled 3 came to my rescue. I have never properly played the classic puzzler, but as […]

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