The Last of Us poster

The Last of Us celebrates Outbreak Day

For those who are familiar with the lore of Naughty Dog's dramatical hit, The Last of Us, you may know that today, Monday, September 26th is the day the Cordyceps virus took over the world and brought it to armageddon. This is known as Outbreak Day. If this ev... Read More...
Overwatch Symmetra

Overwatch’s Symmetra to get buffed

It looks like Overwatch's least played hero, Symmetra, is being looked at by Blizzard and getting some major updates soon. Symmetra, who relies on small shield buffs for teammates, 6 mini-turrets, and a telepo... Read More...
Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

When it first released two years ago, Destiny was far from a perfect game. Doubling down on their commitment to make the franchise last the next decade however, Bungie has continued refining and polishing. As a... Read More...