Monster Hunter Generations review

After the resounding success of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Capcom has dived back in with Monster Hunter Generations. Released as Monster Hunter X (pronounced 'cross') in Japan, the game serves as a celebration ... Read More...

Bound review

In Bound, the main character jumps, twirls, and dances across your screen with grace, but the game doesn't quite stick the landing. Visually, Bound strikes near perfection thanks to its vibrant color palette... Read More...
no man's sky

No Man’s Sky review

From even the most basic description, No Man’s Sky is a hard game to wrap your head around. The moment that ‘18 quintillion planets’ number gets dropped in your lap, everything you thought you knew about gaming suddenly feels insufficient and irrelevant. But i... Read More...

Abzu review

Abzu is all about the water, and it's an adventure that deserves to be completely soaked in. Abzu comes from the mind of Matt Nava, art director of critically acclaimed PS3 titles such as Flower and Journey.... Read More...
Powers Season 2 Episode 10 SuperShock

Powers S2E10 “Legacy” review

Powers has brought a close to its second season. But while all of the elements are there for a great season finale, the execution just doesn’t quite measure up to the promise of the premise. The later half of season 2 of Powers has centered on SuperShock. F... Read More...