Letter Quest Remastered

Letter Quest Remastered Review

Letter Quest is a title that combines the charm and adventure of a role-playing game with the strategy and brain crunching of a typical puzzle game. Originally released on mobile devices in 2014, it has now bee... Read More...
Dota 2, TI4

eSports Industry Awards finalists have been announced

The first inaugural eSports Industry Awards is fast approaching, and the remaining finalists for each category have been selected. Set in London, UK, the award ceremony will showcase some of the best broadcasters, players, teams, personalities and eSport event... Read More...
minecraft story mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Full Season Review

Since the company truly made a name for themselves with the release of The Walking Dead, there have been a lot of Telltale games. With all those titles focused towards a more mature audience however, Minecraft:... Read More...