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EA’s effort to keep pace with Activision’s yearly recycle of Call of Duty has fallen to pieces in its latest entry following Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

With a studio as capable as Danger Close at the helm of the sequel to the franchise’s reboot, I had full confidence in their ability to succeed. With two years of development behind their backs, a kick ass Frostbite 2 engine, and a large marketing budget, all the tools were there.

So what in the heck went wrong? Indie game companies can throw together a game well worth my time and money without even a fraction of the assets Danger Close had, and now that very studio is in danger of closing down forever…

Given the fact that EA wanted to go head to head with Call of Duty, the mutliplayer is what was going to make or break this game when done in a side by side comparison.

The result: Call of Duty was dubbed the Zeus of shooters.


Even though the game has wealthy arsenal of unlockable weapons and attachments, a comprehensive stat tracking system, and a player progression system, it’s all B quality stuff at best.

Warfighter seems to be lost on the battlefield, not knowing which side to fight for. With only five game modes that are either completely rip offs in both name and style from Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty, nothing about the multiplayer distinguishes itself from the competition.

And in a fashion relative to Battlefield, players can choose from a handful of classes before the beginning of each round - sniper, spec ops, point man, heavy gunner, demolitions, and assaulter.

After choosing a class, you’ll be placed with another player, your “buddy,” who is supposed to be able to spawn on you, supply ammo, and exact revenge on your killers.

It’s a shame none of that ever happens. To begin with, none of the players I ever played with wanted to have anything to do with me and since 95% of the game’s servers were completely empty, I was forced into playing hardcore mode much of the time; in which most of your teammates think it’s hilarious to gun you down every time you spawn, but I guess I missed the memo on that one…

One notable mention about the multiplayer is that you have the ability to customize all of your classes each time you die, so if you unlock anything while playing in game and want to change something, you’re just one swift death away…

I think I might have to take that “notable” mention away however as soon as I mention it since the interface that accompanies the class loadout system is one giant and confusing mess.

Warfighter screams “turn me off” during every wasted minute you’ll spend playing it…

As far as the mutliplayer modes go, I thought Warfighter would have something a little unique going its way this time around since DICE was no longer spearheading the multiplayer show. Sadly, I was wrong… My last inkling for the game squashed.

A few notable, yet flawed modes worth mentioning are Combat Mission, which operates in the same manner Rush Mode does in Battlefield 3, but with only 3 M-com stations to destroy. Boundaries also prohibit the defenders from venturing too close to the attackers encampment as well, which was once again just another flaw written down on my long list of cons for the game.

Other modes include Team Deathmatch, Real Ops, which is hardcore mode with the HUD on (because that’s a selling point…), and Home Run, a 10-round competition where teams alternate defending two flags.


And if multiplayer isn’t your thing in shooters and you prefer the adrenaline filled roller-coaster single player rides, this one isn’t worth the $30 admission ticket.

Warfighter once again loses track of who it actually is, throwing in random cut scenes that don’t make sense, extra game mechanics like driving cars that function worse than my brother’s archaic ’98 Prius, tutorial missions literally taken straight out of Call of Duty 4, and then the icing one the cake: more terrible cut scenes that clock out longer than the time you’ll spend actually playing the game…

If your still brave enough to fight through this chaotic mess by now, the globetrotting campaign will take you on tours through all of the biggest terrorist hot spots like Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and the Philippines. Too bad the weak narrative brilliant crafted by real Tier 1 soldiers (because those are the guys we should pay to pen a multimillion dollar game) can barely hold a five minute mission together, let alone a 15 second cut scene.

And for a Frostbite 2 engine powered game, Warfighter is pretty damn ugly. From the ugly building textures to sloppily designed environments and tediously put together backdrops, nothing about this game says pretty. The screenshots fool you.

The Verdict
  • Score3/10
Our Score3.0

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a buggy mess that loses sight of which game it actually is. One minute it's Battlefield 3, the next it's Call of Duty.

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