Sequel To Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars, Will Be On PC Only

The sequel to the action free-roaming action game Sleeping Dogs, has been announced as Triad Wars. An online only PC game where you set out to be the dirtiest, most detestable criminal of all the criminals in Hong Kong. While in Sleeping Dogs, you followed Wei Shen, an undercover cop infiltrating the Sun Ong Yee, a triad gang, and deal with the moral dilemmas of being torn between two completely different worlds.

Triad Wars pulls less on the heartstrings, and more on the triggers, getting you to work hour way up the food chain and establish yourself as one of the most powerful villains in all of Hong Kong. You pit yourself against the growing gangs (other players) in the crime-ridden city, and will find yourself raiding others’ bases, setting up your own rackets, and participating in the dirtiest deeds in the business: Digging. Graves, obviously, for the guys you just smoked.

Though as you climb ranks, I’m sure that’ll be left for the new meat to handle. I, myself, loved Sleeping dogs. While games like GTA and Saints Row make a more tongue in cheek approach to their world, Sleeping Dogs doesn’t pull any punches. the story was interesting and made excellent use of voice acting. The action scenes were thrilling, with awesome chases- both on foot and in car- and intense fights. I’m signing up for the Beta pronto, and you can too.

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