Sakurai Reveals Each Fighter in Smash Bros Has 8 Costume Variations

Today on the Miiverse, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that each character in the game will have eight different colour or costume variations: This iteration of Smash Bros. has unprecedented customization options, with 38 fighters officially revealed so far, including your own Miis, who can use one of three fighting styles. Multiply that times […]

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The Wii U Bounces Back

Lets face it, the Wii U is an interesting console that I’d like to someday buy, but the one thing that has kept me from buying the system is the same thing that pushed me away from the Vita and the 3DS when they first launched: there’s no games! Granted the Wii U has a […]

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The Big Games of E3 2013

Are you excited for E3 2013? I know DigiBytes is and we took the time to compile a list of what we think are the biggest games of E3 this year. You know, the ones you should definitely be on the watch for?! The following game descriptions were taken from the official wiki pages for […]

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