Write for Us

Eager to jump in to the world of video game journalism? Unless you’ve reached this page accidentally, that answer is hopefully yes. Your in luck if so, because you’re definitely in the right place. We are currently looking for writers and video producers of all types to join our team of contributors. 

Why should you write for us?

We like to reference the three E’s. You’ll gain exposure for your writing. We are an established website that gets thousands of page views each and every day. The best part is that you get to claim ownership of all your work. Each and every contributor has their own unique account through our website that allows them to post what they want, when they want. The experience you’ll gain along the way is invaluable as well in your journey to become a full-time journalist or freelancer. Gamespresso is a great launching pad to kickstarting your success and building up that résumé of yours.

The kind of applicants we’re looking for

  • Passionate about video games and what to share that passion with the gaming community.
  • Aspiring journalists looking for exposure for their writing and the opportunity for real world experience.
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic about their work. Show us that you want to be here writing for our site, don’t slack off and miss your assignments.

Where do I start?

If you think you have what it takes to be a contributing editor here at Gamespresso, then fill out the contact form below and tell us which position you fancy most and why we should choose you.


You’ll be assigned one day of the week of your choosing (if day is available) in where you’ll be tasked with writing one main article on a weekly basis (an opinion piece, review, guide, etc.). If you’re busy and can’t fulfill your news or main article role(s) for the week, it is your responsibility to find someone to cover for you by asking another writer for the site via our Skype group.

If you’re interested, please shoot us an email at contact@gamespresso.com or via the form below.

Video Producers

You’ll be tasked with posting one video per week (uploaded on a day of your choosing if day requested is available) that is at least 10 minutes or more in length. Video can be of any game and must have commentary. Could be a simple gameplay video, walkthrough, etc.

If you’re interested, please shoot us an email at contact@gamespresso.com or via the form below.