Dark Souls 3 servers went down on the 20th in order to implement the latest patch that made several changes to weapon functionality and password matching.

The basic overview of of the patch is that improvements have been made to the matchmaking of the Blue Sentinels and Blade’s of the Dark moon covenants, further improvements to the password matching system, greatshield efficiency improvements and general bug fixes.

The detailed patch notes, as supplied by the Dark Souls 3 reddit:

  • Dark Souls III will be updated to Regulation Version 1.07. The update will improve the Password matching feature.
  • Adjusted the efficiency of the Great shield category
  • Adjusted the consuming FP of the Magic Spell Category
  • Adjusted the efficiency of the categories:Dragon Slayer’s AxeCrescent AxeDark DriftWashing PoleMoonlight Great Sword
  • Fxed the shield penetration rate of some attacks in the scythe category
  • Fixed the stamina attack of some weapon categories.
  • Improved the matching of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels covenants.
  • Improved the password matching rate
  • mproved other game balance
  • Several game flaws fixed

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