It’s safe to assume that Overwatch has been one of, if not the biggest game so far of 2016. It’s multiplayer-centric competitive focused has captured the imagination of many. Despite its popularity then, for a game of this size you might be surprised that the game does not feature a deathmatch mode – typically a staple of online shooting games. However, with the game being constantly updated, Blizzard won’t totally rule it out for the future.

Speaking in Edge #295, Jeff Kaplan – creative director on Overwatch – had this to say.

“We don’t feel like deathmatch is about what Overwatch is about. I always cite characters like Mercy of Lucio: they don’t really have a place if we create a game mode that’s just about killing other players. But we’re trying to create a lot of exploration space, and there are two elements we’re open to providing players with – I don’t know how to phrase this – almost their own creativity outlet. There’s the Weekly Brawl, where we feel we can break all the rules and try a bunch of stuff. If we ever stumble across something that’s amazing, it could become a core part of the game. The other place is our custom game feature – perhaps we could give players a deathmatch mode in custom games.”

Time will tell whether or not Blizzard will install the feature into Overwatch.


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