It’s been 4 years since the Animal Crossing: New Leaf addiction took hold of millions of 3DS owners. The addiction may come back with an announcement on the Japanese Animal Crossing site stating that Amiibo support will be implemented.

Spotted and translated by Kotaku, the announcement shows off the ability to use Animal Crossing Amiibo to access new content. It was teased that other Amiibo figures would be used to unlock content themed around the game in which the Amiibo originates from. The image shown features Callie and Marie furniture, wallpaper, costumes and other sorts of items.

Animal Crossing, Callie, Marie

Not only that, but cards will also play a part in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. When tapped, the character featured on the card will appear in the game such as the “angry white squirrel” featured in the image below.

Amiibo, Cards, Nintendo

More news concerning the Amiibo support for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is still underway as a release date for this update has not been released yet. Furthermore, while it has been confirmed that Japanese players will be receiving this new update, it’s silly not to expect this update to reach out worldwide.

It’s great to see Amiibo actually becoming used, especially the Animal Crossing Amiibo line which has seen a general decline in sales compared to the Amiibo lineup from the characters from Smash bros. Hopefully Nintendo will keep on retroactively adding Amiibo support for other games on the 3DS and Wii U which don’t currently have the feature.

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