After missing a critical mode and important character for seven months, Street Fighter V finally sees the return of “VS CPU” mode and Urien.

SFV launched in February missing a few key features, including their previously advertised cinematic story mode, which released as a free update in July. Still conspicuously missing, however, was a way to play against CPUs (outside of survival, story, or online modes). Capcom has already commented on their surprise at the popularity of single-player content, albeit several months back.

September, however, will bring the long-requested mode to Street Fighter V. Equally exciting, confirmed in a statement to GameSpot, we will see the return of Street Fighter 3 favorite Urien, who’s only been playable as part of the cinematic story thus far, a mode which has been seen by many as lackluster. Also of note is the return of Urien’s Aegis Reflector, a Super which creates a temporary electric fence, useful for spacing, setups, juggling, and generally one of the biggest threats Urien can throw out. How this power will work in the new systems of Street Fighter V remains to be fully seen.

New costumes will be available immediately for Season Pass holders in September as well, and in-game Fight Money, for purchasing content like new costumes and Urien (as opposed to “Real Money”), can now be attained in some new ways: Double Fight Money weekends are being introduced, much like Double XP weekends in other games, and Daily Challenges will start being rolled out for more to do– and earn.

Street Fighter V is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. In September, “VS CPU” will be available for free to all, and Urien will be available for Fight and Real Money to all, and free to Season Pass holders.

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