A video has surfaced showing an unboxing of the leaked PlayStation 4 Slim, showing off the design of both the console and the new DualShock 4 controller.

While the Slim console does share the same angular style as the original PlayStation 4, there are a few key differences. The texture of the new system is now fully matte instead of semi-glossy, and the eject and power buttons are now digital instead of touch-sensitive. And of course, the system is a bit slimmer.

Upgrades to the DualShock 4 are a little less pronounced. One noticeable difference has to do with the light bar at the top of the controller. The light bar now shines through the top of the touchpad, which allows players to see the status and color of the light bar without having to flip the controller over.

You can see all of the changes in the video posted by YouTube user ZRZ below. The video was taken down, but was recovered on DailyMotion by All Games Delta.

The PlayStation 4 Slim has yet to be formally announced by Sony. A full reveal is expected to drop next month during the PlayStation Meeting. It is also expected that the more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, codenamed Neo, will also be announced.

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