In collaboration with Bud Light, an All-Stars team of elite eSports players from across different games have been brought together to represent the American alcoholic beverage company. Next month, this team will be brought to TwitchCon for the first ever Bud Light All-Stars Bash, which will pit these players against other professional gamers and celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Dog, Adrianne Curry, Greg Jennings and Ron Funches.

The Bud Light All-Stars team was announced at E3 after votes began at Dreamhack earlier in the year. The final roster included Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins from the Halo eSports scene, Chris ‘Zuna’ Buetcher from the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, Alex ‘LeX’ Deily from the Counter-Strike Global Offensive scene, Jason ‘Amaz’ Chan from the Hearthstone scene and Ryan ‘Filipino Champ’ Ramirez from the Street Fighter V fighting game community.

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The event will take place during the course of three rounds. The first round will see LeX, Zuna, Ninja, Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill, a former League of Legends professional and M0e, a professional Twitch streamer, fight amongst each other in a series of 5-team matches in Gang Beasts. Each professional player will team up with a celebrity or former athlete to form a duo team. One team will be knocked out.

In the second round, the remaining four teams will pick up a lucky fan each, in order to fight against each other in a game of Rocket League. The fan will be selected through a sweepstake on the Bud Light Happy Hour Twitch stream prior to the event. The top two teams will move on to the final stage.

The final round will feature Move or Die. An indie title where players are thrown into various minigames with certain objectives. Players will have to complete objectives such as kill the enemy or capture the crown, while still running around the stage in order to survive. The version of the game featured at the event will be modified. Allowing Twitch viewers to create and manipulate obstacles within the game. The team that manages to win, will receive a gorgeous looking ring, and the title of 2016 champion.


The event promises to be an exceptionally fun day for both fans watching on the stream and attendees. It’ll be interesting to watch professional players team up with fans and even non-gaming celebrities as they come together for the sake of entertainment.

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