Following its monthly schedule of DLC releases, Creative Assembly has revealed its next sizeable DLC pack for Total War: Warhammer, The King & The Warlord. Where as The Empire and the Vampire Count received new lords and units, the Greenskins and Dwarves will be receiving the same treatment in the new DLC. While this DLC needs to be purchased, in order to obtain the new content, there is also an entirely free Greenskins Legendary Lord, as well as new Chaos Warriors units that will be released alongside the DLC when it drops.

The King & The Warlord features new quest chains for 2 new Legendary lords, new magic items, new skill trees and building chains, 6 new units and 22 brand new ‘Regiments of Renown’, which are famous elite units taken from the annals of the Old World.

On the Dwarven side, players will be able to play as Belegor Ironhammer, True King of the Eight Peaks. The Grand Campaign will set him loose in the Border Prince territory with control over Karak Izor. The Dwarves will also benefit from Runelords for lord units as well as Rangers, Bugman’s Rangers and Bolt Throwers, in order to have ranged superiority.

Meanwhile, the Greenskins will fall under the leadership of Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks, who comes into play alongside his trusty mount, the Squig Gobbla. The DLC will also give Greenskins players the new Night Goblin Warboss as a new Lord unit. To go with the new Lords, armies can now be bolstered with Squig Herds, Night Goblin Squig Hoppers and Nasty Skulkers.

Additionally, as mentioned before, another Lord for the Greenskins will be available for free. Wurrzag is a Legendary Lord who leads the Bloody Handz tribe. Being a wizard, Wurrzag bolsters allies with potent buffs. Naturally, Wurrzag will also come with new quests, skill trees and abilities. On top of this, the free DLC gives additional units to Chaos Warriors in the form of Feral Manticores, Marauder Horsemasters and Aspiring Champions.

There is a stagger amount of content both for the paid DLC and the free DLC. The entire list of features for the paid DLC, including a finer look at what tech trees will be available can be viewed on the Steam page. The King & The Warlord, and the Wurrzag DLC will be unlocked on the 21st of October.