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Warcraft movie trilogy possible?

Comic Con 2015 is in full swing so the movie news keeps on flowing. Not least of all from the team behind the World of Warcraft movie. Director Duncan Jones was on hand at the Legendary Pictures booth to discus... Read More...
Gamespresso Journalism

Metal Gear Solid Movie is Happening

Sony Pictures has a movie adaptation of Metal Gear Solid in the works, with writer Jay Basu in charge of the script. Avi and Ari Arad are on board as producers, while 'The Kings of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts will be at the helm. It's not known which areas o... Read More...
Gamespresso Journalism

Destiny posters that came from the 80s

If you were to file anything under "things you never knew you wanted", it would have to be these 80s-themed Destiny posters. Featuring Strike bosses from across the game, these posters capture everything wonder... Read More...

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