New Star Trek series to stream on Netflix

Netflix users in every country but the U.S. and Canada are in luck: the new Star Trek TV series will be available for streaming on the popular video streaming service. Each episode will be available 24 hours after its U.S. release in 188 of the countries gl... Read More...
Powers Season 2 Episode 10 SuperShock

Powers S2E10 “Legacy” review

Powers has brought a close to its second season. But while all of the elements are there for a great season finale, the execution just doesn’t quite measure up to the promise of the premise. The later half o... Read More...
Powers Season 2 Episode 9 Slain Dragons

Powers S2E9 “Slain Dragons” review

While certainly better overall when compared to the first season, the second season of Powers has had its fair share of stumbles. But for every stumble, there are high points, and Slain Dragons is one of the high points. Excellently written, delivering on all ... Read More...
Powers Walker and SuperShock

Powers S2E8 “Chasing Ghosts” review

Though it started off particularly strong, the second season of Powers has suffered over the past few weeks as the show transitioned between its two main story arcs for the season. While a straightforward and c... Read More...
Powers Season 2 Episode 7 Origins

Powers S2E7 “Origins” review

Television shows will always have one leg up on movies due to one simple capability: they can tell stories with long-term consequences. It’s the single greatest strength any show has. Therefore, it’s that much ... Read More...
Powers Season 2 Episode 6 Requiem Conrad and Calista

Powers S2E6 “Requiem” review

For all the ways that the second season of Powers has improved over the first (and there are many), it still suffers from one underlying problem. Events simply aren’t given the weight and consequence necessary for them to feel impactful. Despite some excellent... Read More...
Powers S2 E5

Powers S2 E5 “Shaking the Tree” review

As the title of the episode suggests, “Shaking the Tree” sees the Powers detectives get down to some actual police work. Considering Walker and Pilgrim are already pretty sure they know who killed Retro Girl (d... Read More...

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