Powers Season 2 Episode 4

Powers S2E4 “Stealing Fire” review

Powers is weird. There’s no denying that. Even setting aside that it's a PlayStation Originals Show and only available through the PlayStation Store, it’s campy and a completely different take on superheroes th... Read More...
Powers Season 2

Powers Season 2 Episodes 1-3 review

Powers, the first and so far only PlayStation Originals show, is back for its second season, premiering with its first three episodes. Just like before, season 2 is free for PS Plus members, every episode avail... Read More...
Gamespresso Journalism

Netflix has hidden genres

Netflix has almost single-handedly changed the way people watch movies, television shows, and the way we "chill" at home. Often times when we find the strength to move on, the streaming service recommends something to us and it makes us feel like it was made j... Read More...

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