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New Futurama game in the works

A brand new game based on Futurama, called Futurama: Game of Drones, is coming to your phone soon. Announced on a blog post by Wooga, the berlin-based developer said the game will take “players on a journey wit... Read More...
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New Star Trek show to air on January 2017

Today, Star Trek fans have been given some amazing news. CBS Television Studios has announced today that a new Star Trek TV show will air in January 2017. The series will begin to air on CBS with a preview video, but all first-off episodes will be distributed ... Read More...
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Destiny in Simpsons' Halloween episode

The most recent entry in the long running Treehouse of Horror themed episodes of The Simpsons, which aired October 25th, references Bungie's science-fiction shooter in its closing credits. Nick Conti, casting a... Read More...
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Game of Thrones might release later than usual

After the Season 5  finale of Game of Thrones, there is one question on everyone's mind:  What happened to Jon Snow?!   As no clear answer has been given (neither in the books or the television series), fans have been anxiously awaiting for the next installmen... Read More...
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"Supergirl" debut episode raises the bar

On October 26, CBS aired the first episode of one of DC's beloved heroins, Kara Danvers, also known as Supergirl.  Following in her male counterpart, Superman's footsteps, Supergirl has learned to use her Krypt... Read More...

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