Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven – Battle Tutorial

As stated on the game's official YouTube channel:Gameplay details regarding the game’s battle system.

As stated on the game’s official YouTube channel:

Gameplay details regarding the game’s battle system.

Players will form their battle party from up to four of the game’s eight characters, with each character possessing a particular elemental affinity as well as a character-specific weapon with its own unique attack range. Players must decide for themselves whom to include in their party for the ultimate combination of balance and power!

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, will arrive in stores in North America exclusively for Nintendo 3DS system on June 2nd at a suggested retail price of $39.99, as well as digitally on Nintendo eShop at the same price. Additionally, all retail units in the game’s first print run will come packaged with a bonus original soundtrack CD, featuring high-quality recordings of 28 select songs from the game.

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