Monster Hunter X has been announced

EDIT: Here's the video from Capcom's YouTube account!

EDIT: Here’s the video from Capcom’s YouTube account!

Thanks to the ever wonderful Japanese Monster Hunter correspondent Adam Evanko (Gaijin Hunter), who is at the event that Capcom had announced for Monster Hunter, we got a huge amount of information concerning the next big Monster Hunter game. It will be titled Monster Hunter X (pronounced “cross”). The cross refers to the 4 different flagship monsters, villages and types of playstyles.

So far, the information provided shows villages from the prior generations making a return and it’ll be running on the 4G engine. Fortunately it won’t just be old villages but a new base village called “Beruna” which is set at the base of a mountain range.



Another noted change is new ‘super actions’ for every single weapons. These actions change depending on the style of play you get to choose from. So far it looks like customization and personalization is the biggest thing to come out from the video.

The video also shows many new smaller monsters and bigger monsters alongside the 4 new major flagship monsters for the game. Thanks to inside-games for the images shown here:

The game also gets bonus items with the spin off game that also got announced at the event called Airou DX or what it will likely be called in the west “Feline Diaries Series DX”. From Software will be the developers behind the project and it’ll be coming out on the 3DS on either the 9th of Octorber of 10th of September (I’m never too sure!).

Monster Hunter X is said to be slated for release THIS Winter and will ALSO be on the 3DS. Hopefully we’ll get a look at this trailer in the Japanese Nintendo Direct later today on the 31st!


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