Five unresolved questions from Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition has already had a number of DLC packs released.  The Avaar and the Qunari have given us their spoils, we’ve stared into the Jaws of Hakkon and we’ve descended into the Deep Roads once again.Trespasser looks set to tie up some of the loose story ends from Inquisition story that were left untied.

Dragon Age Inquisition has already had a number of DLC packs released.  The Avaar and the Qunari have given us their spoils, we’ve stared into the Jaws of Hakkon and we’ve descended into the Deep Roads once again.

Trespasser looks set to tie up some of the loose story ends from Inquisition story that were left untied.

Questions still remain however, so let’s take a look at five items that need to be addressed in future Dragon Age Inquisition DLC.

This is a spoiler warning for anyone who has yet to finish Inquisition, there will be spoilers ahead.

What happens to the Grey Wardens?

This was touched upon at the end of Inquisition in Morrigan’s final monologue.  By the time Inquisition comes around it isn’t really clear what the Grey Wardens have been doing since the last Blight.

The status of your Warden is confirmed, no matter what choice you made at the end of Origins, but as for the rest of the Grey Wardens it seems unclear.

It seems to be depicted that the Wardens fell on hard times since the defeat of the last Arch Demon, the once great heroes being cast aside in favour of soldiers who’ll fight for a country rather than a cause.

Following the Inquisitor’s return from the Fade at Adamant fortress, and the loss of many senior Wardens, it remains up to them to decide the fate of the order.

Morrigan’s final monologue seems to allude to conflict within the Warden ranks as to what to do, but it’s never outright stated what happens to them.

The status of such an organization, one which many players were members of if they’ve played Origins, should not be left in such shrouded mystery.

Even if the Inquisitor chooses to recruit the Wardens to the Inquisition there is no visual change around Skyhold, not any specific missions they may undertake to re-establish the Wardens as a force for good.

Barring a few War-table missions the Wardens have little going for the in Inquisition, and that’s something that needs to change.

What happened to the lingering Mage/Templar conflict?

“No small change would address the injustice that Mages face. The Chantry itself must be overturned. There will always be Mages born in Thedas. But Templars are made by men… and they can be unmade.” – Anders (Dragon Age 2)

It would be silly to think that the lingering conflict between the mages and the Templars would end just through the Inquisition picking a side.

This is again alluded to in Morrigan’s final monologue after Corypheus is defeated.  Depending on who is elected Divine of the Chantry the Mages or the Templars will go their own way, or return to the fold.

Regardless there is still a lot of bad blood between the two organizations.  Years or mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the Templars left many of the Mages disillusioned to Chantry and much of Thedas in general.

Even when the Inquisitor first arrives in the Hinterlands there is a lot of fighting still taking place, with much of the surrounding area littered with corpses and leftover ice from magical attacks.

Dragon Age 2 set up the Mage/Templar conflict as a powder keg, with the destruction of the Kirkwall Chantry as the spark that set it all off.  It is established that, following that event, other Circle of Magi rebelled and broke away, with the Templars pursuing.

The issue of Mage treatment, and the Templars handling of the Mages, is an issue which allegedly divided Fereldan.

With such a world shattering issue presenting itself I found it hard to believe that one organization declaring that “Mages/Templars are alright” would sway the hearts of the undecided or opposing population.

I feel as though more needs to be done to address an issue that was brewing for two games and hastily stitched together for Corypheus to take over “top threat” spot.

Where is The Architect/TheMother?

Seriously, what happened to them?

This was one of the key plots of Awakening was the choice of dealing with The Architect, a tormented Darkspawn that had been freed from prison and now stood as a potential ally or another threat.

Providing that the Warden did not kill the Architect his fate is somewhat ambiguous.

Corypheus was a DLC boss from the least popular Dragon Age at that time, yet they chose to bring him back as the main antagonist of Inquisition.

This was one of my main problems with Inquisition was that it chose to board the Dragon Age 2 train and ride it for way longer than was necessary.

The reveal of Hawke, the protagonist from Dragon Age 2, after the reveal of Corypheus was particularly bewildering as I didn’t recall Hawke being much more than a person who saved a town.

My Grey Warden, on the other hand, saved Thedas and lived.  While I know that some people’s Wardens did sacrifice themselves to end the Blight it felt like Hawke was still an insect compared to any of the characters from Origins.

The argument here is that not everyone would have played Awakening, but not everyone played the Legacy DLC either.  If one is included as the default world state then so should the others, even some interaction between Corypheus and the Architect would have been nice.

What’s with Deus Ex Flemmeth?

Alright so this one is a major spoiler, if you’ve not played Inquisition all the way through, look away now.

Flemmeth is Mythal.  Yep, Flemmeth is an Elven Goddess.  This is the only god theory for Flemmeth that’s been confirmed.  There are several floating around that she is also Andraste, the prophet of the Maker.

Flemmeth shows up everywhere and has been involved in every major even when it comes to Dragon Age, so we want to know why she didn’t do more and what is up with her.

A DLC that explores the origin and unravels some of the mystery of Flemmeth is absolutely necessary.

Where the hell is the Nevarran, Tevinter and Antivan support?

So is it me or did the other countries of Thedas contribute nothing during two major crisis points in history.

In Dragon Age Origins we had the Blight, a plague of ravenous monsters that would have destroyed everything in their path.  Had the Warden not slain the Arch Demon they would have likely swallowed the world.

Dragon Age 2 dealt more with the situation of Mages and Templars reaching boiling point.  This felt like more of a problem that was contained within Fereldan, as we’d not seen how the other countries handle Mages.

Dragon Age: Inquisition sees a whole rip open in the sky and demons begin pouring out.  So where is the international aid?  Aside from needing to deal with a problem in Orlais, and getting a poultry offer of help from the Qunari, there is no direct interaction with the other countries in the world.

It feels like these problems have escalated to an international scale beyond the cooperation of two nations, and some help from Antiva and Neverra would have been much appreciated when the sky ripped open.

It’s likely that Trespasser probably won’t answer my questions, but hopefully it’ll be a bit more substantial than the last batch.

Do you have unresolved questions?  What do you want to see from Trespasser?  Let us know in the comments below.

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