Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has always been known for his outspoken, honest personality, and he wasn’t holding back when he recently spoke in Edge #294 of the pricing model that games like Evolve and Titanfall took in recent years. Having learned from their failures, Bleszkinski aims to create a more reasonable model with his upcoming multiplayer-centric hero shooter, Lawbreakers.

“We’re big fans of Counter-Stike: GO – you pay a small fee that’s like a cover charge at a bar” he said, talking about how his studio will tackle the risky approach. “Everybody’s in there because they want to be in there, and then they have a microtransaction system for cosmetics that’s actually kind of fun with the keys and crates.”

“So for us, $20 to $40, that kind of range is what we’re thinking – what I call an impulse-buy price – and then have a cosmetic system within that. I think that’s the best of both worlds for that kind of middle-tier game. As great as I think Evolve and Titanfall were, I just don’t think they should have been $60 games. And then to put DLC on top of that… I know why they do it: because they want to keep the lights on. But gamers generally tend to smell that and back away a little bit.”

Fingers crossed then that Lawbreakers will be widely considered as a more more affordable/valuable option in the multiplayer shooter market than those that came before it.

  • KashIsKlay

    Most games aren’t. You have a game like the Witcher 3/GTAV going for 60, then you have Evolve and battleborn at the same price. It’s crazy.

    • Hvd

      AAA titles vs esports.console gamers dont like esports.

  • rafael_miolow

    Really not worth it. I spent more time with Titanfall than any other game that year, and is still my favorite game of the generation. But sure not worth it, right?

    • angh

      comment type: I ate today, therefore there is no hunger in the world.

      • rafael_miolow

        comment type: I did not ate today, so everybody must be starving. So smart.

        • angh

          too smart.

    • Jason

      Value is opinionated. I agree that Titanfall was amazing and as “other” games steal ideas from it. Now if it would have had community run dedicated servers it probably would have lasted a lot longer imo

  • Hank Hill

    Star Wars battlefront
    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

    None of them were worth a $60 price tag. You can say it was worth it to you based on how many hours you have put into these games, but you are lying to yourself if you say that you’re happy with the amount of content that is in these game.

    • Hvd

      titanfall 10m sales and starwars battlefront did 6m-8m some where around there.but other wise i agree the rest arnt worth it even overwatch.

  • TyroPro

    Retail price of titanfall dropped to like $5 in two months…

    • CoronelCosgrove

      together with user base? XD

  • Michael

    You journalist have no shame. He didn’t say those games weren’t worth 60 dollars. Can we get one decent journalist for the gaming industry who is honest?

    • Matt

      “As great as I think Evolve and Titanfall were, I just don’t think they should have been $60 games.”

      • Michael

        Ok….that’s not the same as saying something wasn’t worth 60 dollars. Key phrase is ” I don’t think”. You totally tried to twist his opinion as fact with the title. ” Your title is a bit dishonest because he never said those exact words. If you would of put “Cliffy thinks Evolve and TF weren’t worth 60 dollars”, that would be correct or more accurate. This may shock know you but some of us actually read articles.

  • Hvd

    titanfall was and some one tell this idiot that it sold 10m copies.he would be lucky to even sell 2m of his.i like gears of war but this guy has no clue what he is talking about.

    10m sales shows you its worth it.

    • John

      10m sales show there’s 10m dumb people, dumb enough to be happy about it.

      • Hvd

        i like titanfall i bought it on pc at was a fun game it just didnt have much depth.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Titanfall was the first game that dared charging 60 bucks, WITHOUT a single player campaign.
    Of course, without anything to play, several hundreds thousands Xbox fans accepted paying full price for it.
    Guess what? Once some companies noticed there still were enough idiots to pay a full price for 30% of a full game (games like uncharted, with a long sp campaign , will grab 60-70% of the dev/coding time), they weren’t shy or afraid anymore, to do the same. And so many games were released, like evolve, with only a multi-player component, where not only the company wasn’t shy to ask full 60 bucks, but also they asked more for dlcs, and even more for micro transactions.

    There are no more limits.

    You all remember, everything started out with a horse armor on Oblivion, back in 2006. Look today how companies create their games AROUND micro transactions.

  • Jason

    100% agree. Proven with many free to play games too like world of tanks and warships along with tf2 generating more income since it went free. A less expensive price point for base content is the way to go imo more so as hype and reviews blow games out of proportion and lack of demos now days.

  • Shitty journalism is shitty

  • Edonus

    I don’t like this narrative of content equals value. I know why it works in an argument and that is because it appeals to this new generation of gamers hoarder nature. It seems more about having more stuff to either look at or do is more important than the refinement of game play and the base experience.
    I would buy Titanfall for $60 again with the same content it launched with. The game is just so balanced it provides 100s of hours of play time because the goal is perfecting your skills not chasing collectibles.
    Evolve is actually a very good game the problem with it is it actually needed to constantly Evolve. You cant just have a set number of characters and monsters. In the end I think they needed to end with about 10-20 monsters and 40 different characters and that is just to keep the balance constantly shifting. There is lots of thing Evolve could have done to be perfect…. like monster perks where you could start the game at level 2……and a tag out mode for monsters and hunters so if say your combination of players werent right you could switch or if say you are the monster and you are being overwhelmed you could switch to a different one that may have a better skillset.
    My bottom line is that a games value is not tied to how much is there, but what you can get out of what’s there.

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