Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has always been known for his outspoken, honest personality, and he wasn’t holding back when he recently spoke in Edge #294 of the pricing model that games like Evolve and Titanfall took in recent years. Having learned from their failures, Bleszkinski aims to create a more reasonable model with his upcoming multiplayer-centric hero shooter, Lawbreakers.

“We’re big fans of Counter-Stike: GO – you pay a small fee that’s like a cover charge at a bar” he said, talking about how his studio will tackle the risky approach. “Everybody’s in there because they want to be in there, and then they have a microtransaction system for cosmetics that’s actually kind of fun with the keys and crates.”

“So for us, $20 to $40, that kind of range is what we’re thinking – what I call an impulse-buy price – and then have a cosmetic system within that. I think that’s the best of both worlds for that kind of middle-tier game. As great as I think Evolve and Titanfall were, I just don’t think they should have been $60 games. And then to put DLC on top of that… I know why they do it: because they want to keep the lights on. But gamers generally tend to smell that and back away a little bit.”

Fingers crossed then that Lawbreakers will be widely considered as a more more affordable/valuable option in the multiplayer shooter market than those that came before it.

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