The popular and hilarious animated series that was Futurama is making a comeback as a mobile app. Fox Interactive and TinyCo are teaming up with the show’s original creators and staff to bring an all new adventure for Fry and his friends at Planet Express, titled Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

TinyCo are the developers behind Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. Their collaboration with Fox Interactive, as well as Matt Groening’s Curiosity Company on Worlds of Tomorrow is heralded to bring “the show’s trademark humor, signature visual style, and ensemble comedic adventure to mobile players everywhere.” David X. Cohen, the original show’s Executive Producer is also involved in the making of the app. He states in a press release, “We’ve got completely new stories from the original writers, cast, and animators. This is the real Futurama deal.”

Not a lot has been revealed as yet to the content or direction Worlds of Tomorrow will take, but Groening says “I love this game because it feels just like Futurama, except now you get to jab characters in the face.” This could lead us to assume a similar genre of rebuilding and task completion for Bender, Zoidberg and friends. This would put the app along the same vein as the mobile version of Family Guy, or another Fox Interactive and Groening brainchild, the hugely successful Simpson’s Tapped Out. We would also be in store for the new Futurama game to feature great animation and one liners from all of our favorite characters.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is coming soon to Android, iOS, and Amazon devices. Stay tuned to Gamespresso to find out any future developments.

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