After the resounding success of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting series, Twitch has decided that the world needs more non-gaming streams. Thankfully, their next non-gaming stream will be a Cooking channel. Titled ‘Food‘, the stream will feature cooking shows and streams at all hours of the day.The cooking stream started off with a four day marathon of Julia Child’s The French Chef.

The reason for Julia Child’s show being the starting point was because of her success as the chef that really made French cuisine in America go off. Twitch deemed her a ‘visionary’ much like Bob Ross was for painting. After the four day marathon, the channel intends to consistently cycle through six different chefs including DomesticDan and CookingForNoobs.

Twitch has been having a lot more fun changing up the formula and adding some much needed fresh air of content to the service. While, Twitch evolved into a predominately gaming-based stream service, its opening for non-gaming related content is interesting to say the least.


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