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Launched in 2014, Gamespresso.com is a dynamic video game news, reviews, and culture website that serves more than half-a-million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world. Gamespresso is powered by its dedicated staff, writers who are self-motivated independent contributors. Each person is able to express through words a deep understanding of gaming. Their knowledge is enhanced by unique opinions and individual stances on the industry, ranging from indie lovers to those who crave the big-budget AAA video games.

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Review Policy

  • 10 points (Must play. A 10 represents an outstanding game that succeeds in ways few other games have.)
  • 9 points (Superb. A game that finds its way into the top of all our lists, but lacks that special something which makes it exceptional.)
  • 8 points (Great. Fun to play and easily recommendable, but has a few minor flaws or fails to “push” the genre forward.)
  • 7 points (Good. In general, worth picking up if you’re a fan of the genre, but doesn’t do much with their concepts or mechanics. May contain some big caveats.)
  • 6 points (Decent. While there may be some good things about these games, the bad far offsets the good. Fans of the genre may be interested, but it’s a rental at best.)
  • 5 points (Mediocre. An underwhelming game that has some serious faults. May contain one or two aspects that could appeal to fans of the genre.)
  • 4 points (Poor. A game that feels rushed or unfinished. Completely fails from a basic design standpoint.)
  • 3 points (Bad. If the game had any positive qualities to it, even fans of the genre wouldn’t bother to try it out.)
  • 2 points (Horrible. In no situation would we recommend the game other than to grind out some achievements/trophies.)
  • 1 points (Insert joke here. Do not buy this game.)

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