Guitar Hero Live has brought success back to the franchise that many thought had gone away along with the rhythm game genre itself. Turns out, once you add some features here and there, it is still alive and kicking. It’s never a bad idea, however, to go back to some of the reasons you loved it in the first place.

As part of Guitar Hero Live’s Shred-A-Thon, a five day super difficult challenge, they are bringing back some of the franchise’s most difficult songs. This includes a community favorite, “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce. The rest of the songs for this event are:

  • “Cry of Achilles” – Alter Bridge
  • “Hangar 18” – Megadeth
  • “Ghost Walking” – Lamb of God
  • “Strife” – Trivium

This Shred-A-Thon will begin on Monday, February 8th on its own GHTV channel and once it is complete, “Through the Fire and Flames” will be added to the full catalog. Better warm your fingers up. Guitar Hero Live is out now for Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and iOS.

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