Microsoft’s Major Nelson recently announced that the Xbox One’s March Update is in preview, and comes with the long-awaited screenshot feature, among others. Some Xbox One owners were concerned after the initial screenshot announcement a few months ago, saying that the feature wouldn’t work as promised, or that it would pause and take a screenshot of an in-game menu by mistake. To alleviate these concerns, here’s a look at how screenshots will work on the Xbox One.

The screenshot feature works one of two ways: you can either use Kinect to say “Xbox, take a screenshot”, or double-tap the Xbox button and press ‘Y’ to save the screenshot. Thankfully, Microsoft thought ahead about weaving their way around games that pause as soon as you double-tap the Xbox button.

According to Microsoft’s Richard Irving:

“As soon as you double-tap the Xbox button, you take the screenshot. Then, when you see the cue in the snap centre, you just hit the ‘Y’ button and save off the screenshot that you took… Some games go into their menu when you double-tap the Xbox button; it guarantees that you’re taking a screenshot of the scene that you wanted to take a screenshot of.”

Once you take a screenshot, you can browse all your images through the Upload app, share them to Twitter, send them in an Xbox Live message, like or comment on them through your Activity Feed, and – most excitingly – set a screenshot as your background.

See here for more information on the March update.

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