Excitement has been building surrounding Horizon Zero Dawn since it was first revealed at the E3 conference in 2015. The first look at the game then, showed us a world populated by giant robotic creatures in the mould of recognizable animals as varied as giraffes, to Dinosaurs. Since then, various information has been trickling out from the developer Guerrilla Games, and this week sees even more stunning in-game foo tage.

The makers of the FPS Killzone tell us how Horizon Zero Dawn is a challenging project for them. The development of a story driven RPG in an open-world environment is something that Managing Director Herman Hulst describes as a fantastic opportunity to try something new and exciting.

The new trailer also shows us some of the biomes we will discover, from desert, to jungle, to snowy mountain peaks. There will be a full day/night cycle, as well as a dynamic weather system that is typical for each environment.

Art Director Jan-Bart Van Beek reveals that each of these “eco-types” will come with their own machines, that behave differently depending on player interaction and their “species.” He also explains the challenge they faced after making linear levels for Killzone, translating their knowledge to a large open world map that can be freely explored and discovered by players in their own order.

The trailer shows us more of the varied and dramatic world that Aloy is part of, and we will be waiting eagerly for the game’s release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in February next year.

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