A leak detailing the November 18-24 weekly sale for Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm appeared on reddit a few days ago. Reddit user Sgt_Drebin submitted a post that highlights the notable sales due to hit the massive online battle arena title in the upcoming days. These sales include:

The hero Kharazim at 4.99 EUR (5.36 USD)

Heroes of the Storm 001

The Jade Dragon Kharazim skin at 3.19 EUR (3.42 USD)

Heroes of the Storm 002

The Ranger-General Sylvanas skin at 3.19 EUR (3.42 USD)

Heroes of the Storm 003

According to the Heroes of the Storm official wikipedia, Kharazim is “a versatile support that can be either a healer or a fighter depending where the need is greatest. He can select Transcendence to heal allies through melee combat, Iron Fists to gain bonus attack damage, or Insight to restore mana and find a balance between both offensive and defensive roles.” On the other hand, Sylvanas is “ranged specialist hero.”

What are your thoughts on the leaked information regarding the next weekly sale for Heroes of the Storm? Are you excited about the upcoming prospects or would you rather have Blizzard Entertainment place other heroes or skins on sale? What heroes and skins are you hoping Blizzard will put on sale next? Let your thoughts be known through commenting below!

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