Adam Sandler’s newest film Pixels had a decidedly average performance this weekend.

While the film held the top spot on Friday, it quickly lost its position to Ant-man, which is in its second weekend.

According to data from Deadline, the movie grossed roughly $24 million. Deadline also reports that the movie was not expected to perform much better.

Reportedly, Pixels had a production budget of $88 million. However, the situation isn’t as dire as it would seem. With international markets accounted for, Pixels is sitting at roughly $50 lifetime gross after its first three days.

Pixels has also been been mostly canned by critics. The movie has a measly 27 aggregate score from reviews on Metacritic.

The movie revolves around several iconic video game characters attacking Earth after misidentifying arcade machines as a declaration of war. It is then up to Sandler and his crew to stop them.

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