11 year old Henry Kramer recently had all of his Destiny characters deleted on his Twitch stream. He was told of a glitch that makes you level your character faster, though this was a muse to get Henry to SharePlay his game. This so called ”friend” had been playing with Henry long enough to earn his trust, and wait for the precise moment to put his diabolical plan to use.

As Henry watched, user KirmitTHEFrog deleted every Destiny character the young gamer had, including one that was close to the level cap. Kirmit apparently wasn’t in control of his account at the time, though. According to his mother, he was recovering from a car crash and spent all of his time catching up on work. It is possible that some of the ”well wishers” who came over to see him accessed his Playstation; it was out in the open for kids to play on when visiting Kirmit.

Unfortunately for Henry, Bungie is unable to recover his loving characters. Because he granted SharePlay access to another user, he gave them permission to, really, do as they please with his entire account. No one was hacked and nothing was accessed without authorization. But the Destiny community, as well as Bungie staff, are coming to the young boy’s aid. The staff are helping him level a bit, and other players are offering to give him items, though it is not permitted.

Not much can be done about Kirmit’s account (some people are calling for a ban), but as for Henry, I think he won’t be granting SharePlay to anyone any time soon.

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