In the lead up to the game’s release this Friday, Febuary 20th, Ready at Dawn has put together a quick introduction to the knights you’ll fight as, and along-side, in The Order: 1886. Speaking to the conceptual design and the technology used under the hood to bring each character to life, the game’s creators showcase the four central protagonists of the narrative.

Announced back at E3 2013, the PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 is set in a grim reimagining of the Victorian age where the Knights of the Roundtable, their lives extended by a mysterious ‘black water,’ fight a war against a race of werewolf half-breeds. For more on The Order, be sure to check out what the CEO of Ready at Dawn had to say about the game’s cinematic style and accusations that the single-player only game might be too short to justify a full $60 price tag. What do you thing of The Order’s cast? Are you intrigued enough to buy the game when it hits stores later this week?

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