Evolve is due to receive its first batch of paid-for-DLC on the 31st March which was announced today by the publisher, 2K Games. There are also 2 more maps to be arriving on the same day as well as the observer mode which was previously announced and will allow for easier match livestreaming.

The new hunters can be bought separately at $7.49 or if you have already bought the season pass the characters will be given to players as a part of that. However the new monster will be free to those players who pre-ordered Evolve from retailers with the Monster Expansion Pack otherwise it can be bought for $14.99.


The new hunter classes are going to be interesting to see in action and should provide a more diverse range of play types of Evolve players.

– Torvald (Assault)
– Crow and his pet Gobi (Trapper)
– Sim, the insectoid (Medic)
– Sunny (Support)


The new monster is a rock-based creature called the Behemoth which is extremely slow but can roll and deal heavy damage to hunters making it a formidable enemy; no doubt the playing controlling it will have fun smashing… or could be extremely frustrated with it’s different playstyle.

On a different note the two new maps will be free for everyone however Xbox One users will get them first on March 31st and PS4 and PC users are due to get the maps on April 30th. It will be interesting to see how much these maps compliment the new monster or how much it works in favour or against the hunters.


No doubt some players will be unhappy by the news they need to pay for the new characters and we’ll only know if the new characters are worth the money when they’ve been released.

Are you looking forward to the new additions to Evolve? Let us know in the comments below!

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