It’s a scary demo and an even scarier price tag.

After the sad revelation from Konami that Silent Hills is officially not happening, everybody had their own way of mourning. Some cried out in agony. Tthers simply couldn’t stop asking “Why?” Still, others ran to the PlayStation Store to grab a last chance to play P.T – the demo for the game made available last year.

The emotions were high as the demo has since been removed from the PlayStation store. Alas, those who missed the chance to be scared terribly by the horror game probably think that all hope is lost, but a new, pricy option seems to have arrived.

At least two uses on eBay are selling used PlayStation 4 systems with the Silent Hills demo installed for the hefty price of £1,000.00. Both users who are selling the system have high customer reviews and are listed as “longtime sellers” for the website.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.53.18 AM

“Excellent condition playstation 4 console, boxed with 1 controller and the soon to be extinct silent hills PT (playable teaser) installed. Own a piece of gaming legend, with probably the scariest and most original horror game of all time,” the description of one reads.

Check out the listings here and here.

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