An image that appeared from the German version of the PlayStation blog seems to have leaked the games that may be available for free download to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of May.

Five of the six games on the list seem perfectly normal, but there is one that may need to be seen to be believed.

The image, which also lists the games that are currently available to subscribers during the month of Apri,l lists the following as speculative games for PlayStation Plus in May:

Rayman Legends (PS3/PS4)

Knack (PS4)

Need for Speed: Rivals (PS3)

Shovel Knight (PS3/PS4/Vita)

Fruit Ninja (Vita)

Asphalt Injection (Vita)

While Rayman Legends does not at all seem out of place in this list, as it was recently included on Games with Gold on Xbox, the game that seems to raise a red flag on this list is Shovel Knight. The game, which is playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, only arrived on the PlayStation Store at the end of April. Making it available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers seems to be extremely early for a game with as much popularity as it has. Would this anger the fans who recently bought it as well?

Knack seems possible too. Despite being a first-party PS4 game, it has been available since launch and did not garner as much popularity as Sony probably would have liked. Making it free gives those a chance to try it who aren’t willing to buy into it.

What do you think of this PlayStation Plus rumor? Too good to be true?


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