SWERY has confirmed that his latest game D4 will be making its way to the PC; on the Steam platform

D4 or Dark Dreams Don’t Die follows the tale of David Young and his investigation into the death of his wife Little Peggy. Through a power unlocked within him after that encounter he’s hell bent on finding the mysterious “D”.

D4 was released on the Xbox One and is to be released in episodes, with the first and prologue coming out back in September 19th 2014. The promise of future episodes became challenged as sales for the unique and strange title didn’t end up selling well on the Xbox One. Here’s hoping Access Games is able to pull through big sales numbers through the PC platform and I hope it succeeds, it truly is a diamond in the rough that was glanced over too easily; and that theme song is incredible!

For reference, SWERY was behind the legendary Deadly Premonition that was such a mess it was incredible. D4 is instead incredible and quite a polished game! I’m definitely picking up the game when it comes up on Steam and supporting him!

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