Codemasters dropped DiRT Rally onto Steam Early Access today. The DiRT series has always danced on the fine line between simulation and arcade driving and has always nailed it in the past. A new focus on off-road driving is front and center now. The DiRT team has completely rebuilt their physical simulation and driving models to DiRT Rally to capture the feel of the mud and gravel as you tear through the environments.

The game currently comes with 17 classic and current cars and boasts 36 different stages across three different environments. Players will have the chance to tear around the back country in cars by BMW, Audi and Subaru, to name a few, with plenty of extra time for tuning and tweaking under the hood. A compliment of up to four engineers will be at your disposal, as well as a variety of upgrades.

According to Rally’s Steam page, it will remain in Early Access until 2015. You can grab it now at a reduced rate and get all the additional content as the team cranks it out. Hop in the driver’s seat, grab your co-driver and strap in for some seriously high risk, high reward off-road driving.


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